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Welcome To Meeks and Zilberfarb Orthopedics and Sport Medicine

Meeks & Zilberfarb PhysiciansWhen pain is preventing you from participating in your favorite activities, getting a good night’s sleep, or simply carrying the groceries, it’s time to see the experts at Meeks and Zilberfarb Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Whether your condition is due to a sports mishap, an accident, or a work-related injury, when you are seen by one of our doctors you can be confident knowing that you will be treated by an experienced specialist who is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced treatment options. Our Harvard-trained physicians are recognized leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic conditions and injuries. The patients at Meeks and Zilberfarb Orthopedics are recreational and elite athletes, performing artists and musicians, and those who share our passion for a healthy, active lifestyle. Not all injuries require surgery, and many conditions can be managed with an individualized treatment plan, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy.  When surgery is required, our specially trained doctors use the latest minimally invasive techniques to assure a safe and quick return to your routine. All surgical procedures are performed at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston or at the New England Baptist Hospital’s Outpatient Care Center in Dedham, both ranked among the top hospitals in the country by US News and World Report. Don’t let pain sideline you. Call to schedule an evaluative appointment with the pros at Meeks and Zilberfarb Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and get back in the game!

Specializing In:

Rotator Cuff Tears
Shoulder Fractures
Dislocated Shoulders
Frozen Shoulders
Shoulder Joint Replacements
Elbow Bursitis
Tennis Elbow
Elbow Arthroscopy
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hip Bursitis
Runner’s Knee/IT Band Syndrome
ACL Injuries
Meniscal Tears
Sprained Ankle
Ankle Arthroscopy
Fractures of the foot and ankle
Heel Pain/Planter Fasciitis
Bunion/Hammertoes/ Flat Feet
Geriatric Routine Care/Calluses
Neuroma/Nerve Pain/Metatarsalgia
Toenail Fungus

What our patients say

Excellent Doctor

Dr. Dawson is very professional, attentive and easy to talk to. She works through and with you. After seeing her, I understand the difference between an average doctor and an excellent doctor.

Great Care

Dr. Friedberg has treated me for an ankle sprain/fracture, a knee problem, and shoulder/neck pain.  He lets you know what he is seeing as he does his assessment.  He bases his recommendations on your personal fitness and recovery goals, and lets you make the decisions about treatment.  He sites current literature about diagnosis and treatment.   You can't go wrong choosing this guy as your doctor. He'll take great care of you.


Exceptional Care

Today was my final follow up visit with Dr. Dawson. I could not have been more pleased with the exceptional care I received from my first consultation to the completion of my care. She and her staff were wonderful. I would highly recommend Dr. Dawson to my family and friends.


My Shoulder is Stronger than Ever!

Everything about the surgery - office pre-op, hospital pre-op, the surgery, post-op and the physical therapy was excellent. Dr. Zilberfarb and his staff made me feel very comfortable and thoroughly explained every step so I would know exactly what to expect. The surgery exceeded my expectations and I was back to all of my sports within 4 months (ahead of schedule).

I highly recommend Dr. Zilberfarb. My shoulder is stronger than ever!
Gretchen H.

Highly Recommend

Professional, efficient, great bedside manner - both the doctor and the staff. I came in and was able to get both an X-ray and MRI down the hall. I would highly recommend Dr. Zilberfarb and the facility to any athlete dealing with an injury!
Anna L.

  • Beth Israel
  • Harvard Medical School
  • New England Baptist Hospital
  • AAOS